Making Money from Custom Merchandise as a YouTube Content Creator

The first thing you learn when you get serious about content creation is that all of your success hinges on properly marketing yourself and the brand you’ve built. You’ve spent countless hours fine tuning and framing your appearance, voice, and messaging to draw in your viewers and keep them captivated, and your ad revenue no doubt reflects the work you’ve done. But when you build that viewer base and keep coming up with fresh new ideas for content, where do you go from there? Ad revenue and sponsorships are great, but there has to be a way to make more money doing what you love.

There is. Building another revenue stream for your channels that can help you capitalize on your branding and messaging can be done by designing hyper-customized merchandise and selling that merch on Youtube. 

Merchandise for Youtubers

Somewhere along the line while building your brand you’ve probably been heckled and tempted by those print-to-order sites. You know them – they’re the ones offering to print your logo on every product known to man – teeming stacks of hoodies, shirts, coffee mugs, and swag just begging for your logos to adorn them, and shipped to your viewers’ door for no startup cost. It seems too good to be true, and that’s because it is.

Print-to-order sites have a lot of negatives that don’t get talked about enough – things like extremely low quality prints and items, horrible turnaround times on orders, and even only paying forward pennies on the dollar to the owners of the store and the brand. We aren’t here to talk about “How Not to Make Money from Custom Merchandise,” though. Instead, let’s look at how you can actually make good money from guaranteed high-quality hyper-customized merchandise – and what other benefits come along with setting up the revenue stream properly.

Finding a Specialist

Your goal should be to automate the revenue stream as much as possible by finding someone that can take the work off of your hands, allowing you to focus on consistently making engaging new content and promotion instead of worrying about the headache of merchandising and distribution. What you should be looking for is:

·         A company that you can trust.

·         A company that understands you and your brand, and will reflect that in the quality of your products (think about it – after all of the time you’ve invested into building your brand, would you want to stick your logo on generic swag, or stand out from your competition with unique and quality custom products).

·         Someone who will ensure that your merchandise is printed and manufactured to your expectations.

·         A company that will sell you the merchandise up front (guaranteeing that you own it and that it is available for sale immediately).

·         An experienced logistics business that will warehouse, distribute, and QC your products, which will give you the security of knowing that the products going out to your fans are of the highest quality, and that the turnaround times are minimal.

Squareshark is a one-stop-shop service that makes it simple for someone with no e-commerce experience to have 100% unique and custom products, a fully custom online store front, and top notch customer service – and they take care of all of it without you having to do anything. Squareshark goes even further than that, throwing in extra services at no cost, such as helping you to expand your online presence further, advising you on how to make more sales, providing guidance on building your brand, and giving tips for growing your store and other revenue streams.

Many specialist services like SquareShark are very selective of their clientele, so finding them is sometimes difficult. Understandably so – the undertaking of partnering up to rise the tide for everyone involved is a huge leap of faith for both you and the company, but it is one that is absolutely necessary to bring your brand to the next level.